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Mag. Andreas Röck
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Mag. Andreas Röck
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What is dbAvail - Basic Information

dbAvail is a flexible online data management solution tasking your communication  and organizing your data in support.

dbavail is an online solution that manages your data, including contact information and communication. dbAvail offers from simple adress configuration to complete CRM solutions, customer or member administrations, managing resources, control of external content and administration areas, offering a wide range of applications. Even the most complex operations, business processes and statistical data can be mapped.

dbAvail is tailored to your needs. You do not have to adjust your system to the software; dbAvail adapts your business system to your requirements and administrative areas for optimal use. Even a gradual expansion of the system is possible as well as subsequent extensions.

The basic principal on which the data is organized is easy and efficient. All labor and administrative areas will be organized in dbAvail using your contact information. Regarding the data maintenance and updates in various work areas the principal of loss in minimized. Updates in the various areas of work in the system are widely available.

Furthermore the standard tools available are unique in adjusting to the needs of industry and business ideas, mapping complex and entire business processes into tailor-made solutions.

What are the benefits dbAvail can offer your company?

  • Reduction in running costs in the management of your contact information and the processing of your communication activities
  • Increase in capacity
  • Improving data quality
  • Increased availability
  • Multiple use of data
  • Increase the accuracy of communicative action
  • Cost reduction in mass
  • Expansion of communication channels

When will dbAvail come into question for you?

The use of dbAvail area is very diverse and complex and can be best described in terms of examples. The core content of dbAvail lies in the management and use of contact information for different communication tasks.

The saving effects by dbAvail depend on the diversity of use and quantities of data vary. In general, our customers see the need for dbAvail solutions because they are faced with rising costs, quality problems or technical limitations.
The arguments to invest in a solution can be many, for example the number and complexity of records, number of employees, work areas, locations etc. All these factors can be calculated so your business can see what type of profit will be expected using dbAvail solutions.